Valentines Day Dinner


Valentine's Day was a big event in our house this year! Usually, we keep it pretty low key, and enjoy a home-made cake that my husband lovingly bakes. This year, with the kiddos at nursery/daycare, I needed to send valentines day cards and treats to all of their little friends. Late thursday night I found myself baking heart-shaped cookies, writing out valentines, and trying (and failing) to remember all of the kids names. Off they went on friday morning with bags full of treats, and when they came home from school they delighted in showing me everything that they received. Wow - valentines seems to be turning into a mini-christmas! Smarties, lolly-pops, small toys, and of course cute little cards spilled out of their bags.

The fun continued on saturday with the real valentines day, and we ventured out to Chapters and starbucks - which was all decked out in valentines hearts. I'm sure a few more treats were eaten, but not by me. I'm trying not to eat sugar for the month of february, after a combination of gaining five pounds and feeling like I was eating waaaay too much crap. It's been going ok so far, although all of the valentines treats have certainly been tempting.

On sunday it was my in-laws fifty-first wedding anniversary, so we celebrated with a family dinner at our place. I made home-made pizzas, cheating a little with dough from la grotta, and we enjoyed delicious cannelloni and salad that others brought. The show-stopper was a salted caramel pineapple upside down cake, courtesy of my husband. It smelled sooo good as he was making the caramel sauce, so I had to try a little bite. After downing four pieces of pizza, Poppy went to bed, and Soren decided to take a seat in his old highchair. Lots of vino was consumed, and we all had a lovely evening.

I wanted to include some links from previous years cakes... but sadly I realize that my blog has some issues! Awhile back I had someone re-design my site, and it looks like they have made some major changes on the back-end. This means I will have to re-design the site, which I definitely wasn't planning on doing right now. I've quickly removed all of the broken links, but I see that things still aren't great - for instance there is no 'home' button. All the more reason for me to learn how to code, at least a little bit. Sigh. 

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