On Sundays we...


... grab the camera to document my favourite time of day - after-naps. Poppy delights in waking up Soren... and he doesn't seem to mind a bit. He opens his eyes to the afternoon sunlight and squeals of delight from his baby sister. After a few minutes in bed they get up and move into the playroom.

The bed-heads decide they are hungry, so we step over a sleeping pup who has found a sliver of a sunbeam on the top stair. As I cut up grapes and pour glasses of milk, I peak into the living room and see them playing so nicely together. Soren asks 'where is daddy?', and I explain that he has gone to the hockey game with uncle Alex. After pouting for a couple minutes he asks if anyone is coming over today. I tell him Amma and Grandpa might stop by, and his mood instantly brightens.

A dog barks upstairs, alerting us all that someone might be here. (Or... more likely, it is just one of many random neighbours that walk by our house each day, and are met with ferocious sounding barks.) Soren jumps to the window, screaming 'it's AMMA!!!!' Poppy's legs aren't quite long enough to peer out the window, but she makes do with a big blue toy dog we have recently acquired. Clearly, it has multiple uses. Sundays are the best. I only get two 'after-naps' per week, and there is not much that could force me to miss them.

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