Hungry Hippo - Sunday Fun


I pretty much live for the weekends... and brunch has always been one of my favourite weekend activities. Sometimes we bundle up and go to one of our favourite breakfast places, and other times we stay home and have friends over. Now that I'm working I miss having play dates, so a sunday brunch/playdate was a good activity for everyone. It was also nice not to have to leave the house when the temperatures dipped to minus thirty. Brr... spring cannot arrive soon enough for me!

It's pretty entertaining watching a three year old, two year old, and one year old play hungry hippo. I actually don't think this was the official hungry hippo, but rather a 'hungry farm' version, which differs a little to what I played as a kid. Our biggest obstacle was making sure Poppy didn't eat the marbles, but once the muffins were out of the oven her attention was diverted. The babe loves to eat!


Anonymous said...

Your highlighted stuff and comments section show up at white, so you can't read them because of your white backdrop.

Michelle @ said...

Hungry Hippos! I was thinking of game my son would like to play and honestly - this one would be right up his alley. He'd love the hitting and action. We have a couple matching games and they seem to hold little interest for him.