First work trip


I had plans of posting this last week, while I was actually on my first work trip. But the trip through four states was busy, and then when I got home I was excited to see my little guys. And then, just when I thought I was caught up on everything, I caught the flu! It was pretty terrible, and I'm just now emerging from the sickness after three and a half days of being house-bound. Late this afternoon I ventured out for groceries, and then actually made dinner, and now I'm feeling close to normal.

Last week I flew to Atlanta, and after several days in Peachtree City, made the four hour drive north to Tennessee. I've only been to 'The South' once before, when Tyler and I (and baby Poppy!) went to Charleston and Savannah last year. This trip was different for many reasons, but some of the southern consistencies were the same - such as pitchers of sweet tea everywhere you go. I drank my fair share! I finally tried shrimp and grits, which were delicious, as well as fried green tomatoes, which I loved.

I missed my silly little ones, but four days away was the perfect amount of time to be away. We facetimed each day, and Soren eagerly asked me where I was and when I was coming home. My husband graduated to super-husband status, and played the single dad role with ease. He even had to deal with a very strange boil-water alert, and had lots of well-meaning friends call him to make sure he was aware. (Soren told me upon my return that he couldn't brush his teeth, since the water was full of 'bateria'.)

One thing that I did to prepare for my time away was to plan all of Poppy's outfits. Tyler sometimes finds dressing her a little challenging, and I usually get the kids dressed in the morning. I picked out four outfits, including socks and undershirts, rolled them up, and secured the bundles with headbands. I'd once read this tip for travelling with kids, and thought it might help my husband in the morning rush. He was appreciative, and I think I may try to do this every week on Sundays. Anything to save a few minutes!

I'm glad that everyone fared so well, as I have a longer trip coming up at the end of the month. I had contemplated bringing everyone along with me, but I'm attending a trade show and I know the days (and nights) will be long. It's in Orlando, which is why I initially thought it might be fun for the family. Perhaps next year, when I'm a little more settled in my job and know what to expect. In the meantime, I will be thankful for my super-husband!

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