Breakfast with the monkeys


It's monday morning, 10 am, and I am sipping on some cold coffee as sesame street plays in the background and Poppy naps. Holiday mondays are the best!

Yesterday the babes were up exceptionally early, so we decided to go out for breakfast. Soren's first choice was the 'quality centre', otherwise know as the qualico centre at assiniboine park. The light in there is so pretty, especially in the winter when the snow is reflecting off of the frozen duck pond. We ate our fill of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon, and then the kids decided to go crazy. Poppy tries to do everything that her brother does, and he usually likes to climb on anything that he can find. I gave up trying to reign them in and just watched as they ran around chasing each other.

On the ride home Poppy fell fast asleep, as is typical for her. She's sixteen months now and still naps twice per day... I think she's catching up from all the sleep she missed through her first 10 months. She is a great night sleeper now - going to bed promptly at seven and sleeping for about twelve hours.  We still accredit the good sleeping to the infamous sleep sack that saved our sanity. It's definitely going to be my go-to baby gift for new moms.

Today's holiday monday is going to be well spent, doing not much of anything. Pyjamas, coffee, cartoons, and naps sound pretty good. I have to get some groceries at some point... but there is no rush.

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