A winter date


This past monday was a holiday, and after breakfast I asked the kids what they wanted to do. I suggested going for a walk on the river, to which Soren promptly replied 'no'. So I asked him if he wanted to go to his grandparents, which was met with an enthusiastic 'YES!!' Tyler and I don't get too many opportunities to do things without the kids, especially during the day, so I quickly made a plan. After a quick call to my parents, we dropped the kids off and headed to the forks.

We laced up our skates and cruised down the river, passing the various warming huts. I loved the little red chairs made out of recycled wood - meant for people learning how to skate or for those who needed a break. Of course, we saw quite a few able-bodied adults being pushed along too...

After skating for a bit we stopped for some complimentary hot chocolate, and warmed our feet by the many bonfires that were being lit by the festival du voyageur volunteers. While it was pretty cold out, the fires made a big difference and it was lots of fun to listen to live music and people watch. We topped off our lunch date by getting some delicious fish and chips, and then picked up our babes just in time for naps.

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Michelle @ RoastedMontreal.com said...

Good on you embracing winter!!
BTW - I love the design of your blog - gorgeous!