Sunday mornings - brunch on a cold day


Weekends are all the more important now that I am back to work, and one of the things I miss from my stay-at-home-mom days are playdates. Usually playdates happen during the week, and typically during the day. I miss seeing my friends and their kids, and it's always fun to watch Soren and Poppy interact with other little ones.

Last sunday was a brisk cold day but we woke up to glorious sunshine. We managed to pull Soren away from one of his 'shows' (he loves to watch a show in his pyjamas on the weekends!), and we headed to the forks. The cheese croissants at the tall grass bakery are amazing... definitely worth braving a cold morning for. We met up with some friends who have girls very close in age to ours, and I am always envious of their gorgeous long curls:) Poppy's hair is "interesting" these days. She's starting to rock an 80's-ish mullet, which I don't think is much of an improvement from her fuzzy chic look.

Hairstyles aside, the forks is a nice spot to hang out on the weekends. There is lots of room for the kids to run around, the baked goods are delicious, and there are several coffee shops. We didn't bring our skates, but the kids ran out onto the ice and reminded us that we should plan to go skating soon.

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