Playing with the Polar Bears


Last weekend the weather was nice, really nice, and we wanted to do something outdoors - so we headed to the assiniboine park zoo. We have passes, and went pretty regularly in the summer, but in all my visits I've never seen the polar bears swimming. It was amazing!!! I was literally smiling from ear to ear as the polar bears - four in total! - frolicked in the water. Two of them are cubs, and they were just having the best time. Being able to watch them swim all around you is really something special. I overheard an older couple remark to each other 'this is the best thing that's happened in Winnipeg'. While I think there are lots of great things about this city... they weren't far off. Tyler mentioned as we left the exhibit that the bears actually seemed happy, compared to the feeling that you sometimes get watching animals in zoos - that they would be happier in the wild.

After we got our fill watching the bears swimming, we had to visit the polar bear playground. Poppy's face in that one photo just kills me... she is something. No fear, that one! She whizzes down slides that are ten times her height, races away without looking back, and climbs on everything and anything. As soon as she sets her mind to something there is no turning back. Re-focusing her attention on something else does not work... unless perhaps it involves food. That's pretty much our only hope.

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