Bathing beauties - nightly routine


Now that I am working full-time, our evenings have become a little more compacted. No longer can Soren stay up until 9... we found that out the hard way on monday morning when he refused to get out of bed. And refused to get dressed. Or eat breakfast. I should really say poor Tyler, as I was already at work by the time the waking up shenanigans were going on.

For the most part we try to stick to a fairly similar schedule, especially on weeknights. After dinner we head upstairs for baths, and last night Soren jumped into the tub fully clothed. Luckily, the water wasn't on yet! Both kids have extra sensitive skin, so I usually bathe them every second night. We use Aveeno bath products for the most part, but Soren got some coloured bath bombs for christmas that he has been loving. Last night we picked blue, which is why the water looks a little crazy.

Random toys sometimes make their way into the bath, and sometimes even random shoes. (The shoes get quickly pulled out!) For the past three years I've barely changed the bath toys... the most popular 'toys' are always old shampoo bottles and washcloths. One of the kids inevitably sits on the drain and the water starts draining out - that's usually when I decide bath time is done. Before I had kids I always imagined myself sitting in the bathroom watching my kids in the tub... somedays it's amazing to realize that I am doing exactly what I've always wanted to do. Baths may be routine, but they are never boring. And cuddling their warm little bodies afterwards is always one of the best parts of my day:)

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