A three year olds favourite day


There are plenty of things that Soren does not like... vegetables of any kind, new clothes, picking up his toys, or going to the bathroom by himself (not sure on this one... he is perfectly capable, but always insists that one of us help him). But give the kid some snow to eat and he is a happy camper!

On the weekend we took advantage of some decent weather (still cold, but not frigid), and went for a walk on the frozen red river. The warming huts are just coming out, so we'll have to plan another trip soon to check them all out. Soren loved running up and down the ice, eating as much snow as he could get his hands on. I kept telling him to stop, that his face was going to get too cold. Finally, my husband pointed out that he is THREE, and to just leave him alone.

It was right in the middle of Poppy's morning nap, so I had envisioned her falling asleep on the walk. That didn't happen, as she was much too entertained by Kya and her brother to sleep. Often, I try too hard to think of activities to entertain the kids with, especially during the winter. But really, they just love being outdoors! There was room to run around, interesting things to see, and snowballs available at every step. Granted, we could not do this sort of activity in minus forty temperatures. Luckily last year's polar vortex seems to be a thing of the past, and we can venture outdoors more often than not.

If we had really wanted to make this Soren's favourite day ever, it would have been easy. Throw in some pancakes, a pez dispenser, and some Chip and Dale cartoons and this kid is set. Friends of ours brought him a headlamp when they came over for dinner friday, and he searched all over the house 'checking for monsters'. It's so fun to see his imagination come to life, and hear all of the stories that he creates in his head. The transition to full-time daycare has been hard on him, but all change seems to take him for a loop. He's the type that needs a lot of advance warning on things, as well as set routines and schedules. Seeing him with a permanent grin on his face makes me think we are doing ok.

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