14 months - a Poppy update


Poppy turns fifteen months on January 12th, which seems a little crazy as it means she is fast becoming a toddler (and not a baby). As she is most likely my last baby... it's a little sad. It's also so much fun to watch everything that she does, each and every day. She starts and ends each day with her babies - don't try and take her from her crib without them. She'll tell you! While she still doesn't say many words, she definitely communicates what she wants. The last couple days I have heard a lot of word 'attempts', such as 'cheese', 'up', 'kids', and 'yes'.

She is obsessed with babies. Real babies, not just her dolls. When we go out places, she beelines for strollers and baby carseats. She wants to touch them and kiss them... I'm not sure what she would do if one of them were actually out of their carrier! She likes kids too, but babies are definitely her preference.

As you can tell from the pictures, her hair growth is in a funny stage. Mostly she looks like a baby chicken with a head full of fuzzy long hair standing straight up. Mealtimes are a lot of fun as Poppy will eat whatever we give her. She has an adventurous palette, which is fun to explore with spicy chilis, indian food, sushi, etc.

We switched her out of her rear-facing baby carseat and into a toddler convertible one. As we drive she will call out to us, and when we turn back to see what she wants to breaks into a huge grin. Soren and Poppy get along pretty well these days too, when she is not 'messing with his stuff', as he says.

It seems to me that at this age everything gets a bit easier. You no longer have to watch the baby at every second... they can play by themselves for decent amounts of time while you make dinner or tidy up. At the same time, they are so interested in everything that you do, that it's hard not to want their help! While un-loading the dishwasher may take us ten full minutes, watching Poppy select an item, grab it, hand it to me and say 'dat', is worth the extra time. She is so proud of herself for helping me, and I smile more times than I ever would doing this chore on my own.

I'm back at work tomorrow, so the next couple weeks will probably be a bit of a challenge as we settle back into things. Maybe we can sneak in a long weekend trip somewhere over the winter to break things up... it's hard looking at the forecast of brutally cold temperatures and knowing the spring is sooo far off.

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