There are not enough hours...


We bought our tree ten days ago, and it's still not fully decorated. I don't have time. I don't have time for anything, really, other than what physically has to be done. Last week I started working full-time, and wow is it ever difficult. I always knew it would be a hard adjustment... but I think it's even harder than I expected. I leave the house just after 7am, and get home just before 5. Then, from 5 until 7 I do absolutely nothing other than play with Soren and Poppy. No emails, no laundry, no other distractions. Since I only get a couple hours with them a day I need to make it count. Poppy goes to bed around 7, followed by Soren shortly after around 8. At which point I come downstairs, clean out their lunch kits, backpacks, and 'stuff', and prepare for the next day. I try to clean up from dinner or tidy up a few things, and then perhaps check my email and read the news. By 9:30 I might feel like I'm 'done', and then I have about half an hour before I feel like I should be going to bed. 6am is an early start, especially if Poppy wakes up during the night.

Work is busy, which is good as it makes the time go by quickly. I am learning a lot of new things, and my brain feels like it's gotten a good work-out by the end of the day. That's probably the only work-out I'm going to get for awhile, I can't possibly imagine finding time (or energy) to exercise.

While everything is going fairly well right now, I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this is going to be our new normal for the rest of our lives!!! I feel like I can power through it and make it work for another week, until Christmas break, but after that I'm not sure. I think a big factor is that I am at a new job. At my old job, I knew everyone and had time to 'relax' a little at work. I could skim the news online, check some blogs, make a phone call if I needed to. I also knew that if I needed to leave an hour early to pick up Soren, it was no big deal. Learning what I can, and can't, do at my new job is a little overwhelming. It's a big company with a lot of policies and procedures, and there is a lot to know.

And now it's time to go pick out my outfit for tomorrow, something I have NEVER done in my whole life. But I've realized that I just don't have an extra five minutes to waste in the mornings. Every minute is carefully planned, from my nine-minute 'snooze' button to calculating how long Poppy will nurse for. We are adjusting, and looking forward to a week of extra long snoozes as a family over the christmas holidays.


Unknown said...

I hope it gets better, it did for us -- we kinda! It is such a tough transition! The days I spent at home I didn't realize how much I should cherish those moments because 5-7 time which includes dinner & dinner prep makes it feel like not enough time. It was tough when I also had to study & prep for the week on weekends with school. Cherish those weekends! I'm soaking it in for Christmas holidays. Hope your transition to work goes good and you figure it all out!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job, but you must've chosen to leave the old one for a reason. You will get the hang of it, and be able to relax a little soon. As for not enough hours, welcome to the real world Hon.