The sugar monster


I am the first to admit that I eat way too much sugar. Soren does too. His eating habits are pretty terrible, and we've struggled with what he will eat for quite some time. Around christmas, sugar seems to be everywhere!! Cookies, candies, gingerbread houses, snacks, holiday drinks... the list goes on and on. We notice a big difference in Soren's behaviour depending on the amount of sugar he has consumed. While this should come as no big shock, it's still hard to limit his sugar intake when he's being offered treats every way he turns.

I think I am a fairly laid-back parent, one who tries to follow routines but also doesn't freak out if the kids are sometimes up past their bedtime. If Soren is offered a chocolate treat at a christmas party, it's hard to step in and say no, he can't have it. The problem then becomes that he loses his mind. He becomes completely crazy, and I feel like a bad parent for having my kid jumping on the back of the sofa. (and probably onto someones head.) He doesn't listen, runs around like a maniac, and generally morphs into a sugar monster.

Since christmas is now over, and we are getting back into somewhat of a routine, I'm making a serious effort to change our diets. The last two mornings we've started our day with green smoothies, full of kale, berries, almond milk, and yogurt. The treats have been severely limited and snacks consist of fruit or yogurt. This goes for myself just as much as Soren. I got a new cookbook, Oh She Glows, and I've already made a few new delicious recipes. The glow bars are amazing. So, so, good. Oh, and Soren's behaviour today was much better than the past week. Huge change.

When it comes to having treats outside our house, I don't think I can realistically do much to change things. Treats are fun because they are just that, treats! I fully believe that we should get to indulge in donuts some days, or make (and eat) a robot out of rice crispy squares. It's just a hard balancing act, especially around the holidays.

These pictures were taken on christmas eve, and Soren and his grandpa arrived at a holiday party wearing almost the exact same outfit! Sweater vests, white shirts, red ties, and grey pants. Two of a kind, those two! 

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