Christmas Cookies


I love baking at any time of the year, but there is something extra special about holiday baking. I turn up the christmas carols, light some scented candles, and pour myself a cup of hot coffee. While there are some staples that I make year after year, I always like to try out a few new recipes. Last year I made gluten free chocolate cookies which were amazing, and a perfect treat for my sister who doesn't eat gluten.

Ginger snaps (or molasses spice cookies) are my husbands favourite, so I always make a batch or two. We made the pretty chocolate cupcakes for my brother-in-laws wedding this summer, and I think they would look great on a holiday desert table.

One of my all-time favourite cookies are the chocolate dipped skor cookies (last image). They are the cookies that are always snatched off the dessert table before dessert! I can't believe I've never posted a recipe before... Hopefully I will get it up on the blog this year. Next week I have an annual girls cookie exchange (slash drink a lot of wine night), so baking is definitely on my weekend to-do list.

p.s. - we got a new computer today after months of our old one being on the fritz. The new one is so, so much bigger, and I can't wait to actually start taking photos again. We'd been using a 7-year old laptop as our backup, and it just wasn't capable of handling any more photos. So hopefully lots of new photos (and blog posts) to follow! 

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Ali @ said...

Love all these christmas cookie pictures. Puts me right in the mood to start planning for the holidays early :)