Changes all around


So, things are about to change around the Linden house! Very shortly, I will be returning to work after fourteen months at home with my babies. The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, but things are settling into place and I am excited about this next phase of our lives. While I love being at home with my family, I always knew that I would have to return to work. And it's been pretty fun shopping for new work clothes - especially with all of the great black friday sales!

In the past I have talked about childcare and how stressful it can be... but thankfully I am really happy about the places we have lined up for Soren and Poppy. Poor Tyler is going to feel a lot of changes too, as he will be the one driving the kids to and from their respective daycares. Mornings are going to be early and stressful, but hopefully we can settle into a rhythm and enjoy lots of quality time in the evenings.

After dinner today, I pulled out a little lunchbag that I had bought for Poppy in the summer. At the time, I thought I would be returning to work in october. It has been such a blessing to have been able to stay home with her for an extra couple of months. Tomorrow she's spending the morning at her new daycare, and I'm excited for her. While it's true we've hardly spent any time apart, I know she's going to love hanging out with a few other littles every day.

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