Breakfast with Santa


On saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa! One babe wasn't too impressed. She loved the breakfast portion - complete with apple crepes, eggs benedict, pancakes, sausages, fruit, and mini croissants. The candy bar was obviously a success, and both kids had fun decorating gingerbread cookies. But when it came down to sitting on santa's lap, Poppy was not having any of it. Poor girl. All we could do was laugh... and snap a few photos before relieving her from her misery. She didn't want the toy santa offered, and afterwards she couldn't even be in sight of him without crying and clinging to me.

Soren wasn't sure why Poppy was so upset. 'Why is she afraid of santa, daddy?' he asked nervously, when we tried to get him to sit on the big man's lap. He sat on grandma's lap instead, and accepted his personalized present. Later, after opening his new toy, he went back to say thank you and was able to tell him what he wants for christmas.

The christmas decorations were beautiful, and it was fun to see all of the kids dressed up in gorgeous outfits. Last week, before the event, my mother-in-law and I went shopping. We had so much fun searching through the little dresses and bowties... sometimes I wish kids could be dressed up every day! But then Poppy wears her little harem sweatpants and looks like she could be coming out of hip-hop class, and that's pretty cute, too:) A big part of christmas are the traditions that we do year after year, and it's great to be able to start new traditions with our little family.

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