Trick or Treat


This halloween we had a little grey elephant, and a chicken hatching out of an egg. Some people confused Soren as a duck, but he was quick to point out that he was actually a chicken hatching out of an egg. He came up with the costume idea months ago, and never wavered on his decision. I was a little worried about how to create the costume, but during a lucky shopping trip to value village I found a perfect chicken costume. After the chicken part was covered, it was pretty easy to construct an egg to hatch out of.

Poor little Poppy has been sick this week with croup, and so she was a little under the weather on the big day. After being upset about trying to take a picture, she perked up as we visited some neighbours houses. She loved toddling up to houses and having people ooh and aah over her cuteness. We were thankful to have no snow on the ground, although the temperature was pretty chilly. Our little crew didn't last too long, but we had enough fun to last us until next year. On november first Soren woke up and asked 'is it still halloween?' When I told him no, he said 'Great! We can write a letter to Santa now!!' Christmas season awaits us:)

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