The longest day


Like probably every parent of toddlers, daylight savings time changes are not exactly welcomed. Add that to the crazy sugar high that one of our terrors toddlers has been on all weekend, and sunday was a l-o-n-g day for us. We were constantly looking at our watches, asking 'is it bedtime yet?' Finally, 7pm was in sight and we rounded up the babes and got them in their beds. Phew!

At ages three and one, Soren and Poppy are now playing together a lot more. It's fun to watch them interact, even though a lot of the interactions end in tears (Poppy's). Soren can't seem to resist taking her toys, or giving her a little push that's just a bit too rough. It's funny, though, as he can be very sweet and protective towards her when we are out in group situations. While at a playgroup a little girl came over and took the doll Poppy was playing with, and he jumped in saying 'Hey! Poppy was playing with that! You need to give it back to her!'

I've heard that the 'terrible threes' can often be worse that the typical terrible twos, but I can't say that either age has been better or worse. He's always been so vocal, so I think that helps avoid tantrums as he can clearly explain what he wants. His problem is that he is soooo stubborn, and really negative at times. If things aren't going his way he wants to do 'nothing'. There are no alternatives that could work... it's just 'no', 'nope', 'I won't do that', 'no thank you', etc. While he is almost always extra polite, when he declines to eat dinner for the tenth time politeness is not exactly what I am worried about!

Next weekend these two are having a little sleep-over at their grandparents (Poppy's first!), and I will look forward to sleeping in past 7am. Of course, I'll likely be ready to get up at 7:30, but there is something so satisfying about waking up on your own accord, and not in response to a baby's cry. Getting ready by myself is one of my favourite things, and if I can enjoy an extra hot cup of coffee while doing my make-up it will be that much better. It's always the little things that can make a world of difference.

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