Swimming with your clothes on


So, this crazy goofball jumped into the swimming pool today, fully clothed. Poppy and I were enjoying her starfish swimming class, and Soren and Tyler were watching nicely. All of a sudden, there was a big commotion and Soren was in the pool, in his sweater and cords. I raced over and had to drag him out, as he'd gotten in too deep and can't quite swim on his own yet. Tyler was helplessly calling him from the side... I guess he'd told Soren that he could 'dip his feet', but things went a little crazy. Of course I had no extra clothes at all... so he ended up going home in Poppy's tights and his t-shirt that was dried under a hair dryer. Poor Poppy had to brave the cold in bare legs - all for her silly, silly brother. As someone pointed out - he made A LOT of people laugh today, so perhaps it was a good day overall. Ha.

We can't believe we missed the photo op, but just imagine a pool full of babies playing simon says, and a three year old wading into the pool in full winter clothes. yep. That was OUR kid. We are so proud.

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