Life Lately - Two busy babes and a job search


Life has felt a little uncertain lately. I had always planned to go back to work after my maternity leave, but partway through the year I learned that things at my old company were not going well. For a time, I was optimistic that my job would still be around, but in August I learned officially that I had no job to return to in October. While disappointed, I figured I could use the extra time to spend with my babes and take my time looking for something new. I assumed that I could collect unemployment insurance, which would be similar to my maternity leave pay. All would be well.

After a confusing application process with service canada, I learned last week that my claim was being rejected. That is, I could not qualify for any unemployment benefits. We were now in a panic. I need to have an income in order for our finances to balance, and my last maternity leave payment was in september. The thoughts that went through our heads were 'should we sell the house?', 'cash out some RRSP's?', 'should I take a job at a restaurant?' I realize that things could have been worse. We needed money, and we had some assets. While not the best situation, our little family is happy and healthy, and that is more important than the balance in our bank account, or the size of house we live in. I can't imagine selling our home and moving into an apartment... but if we absolutely had to we could. We would be ok.

Even though I had not been actively looking for a job, I had a few leads that developed into interviews. I also applied to a handful of reputable companies and was happy to hear back from several. But let me tell you, job searching with two little babes is stressful! I get so wrapped up in a company, and spend days researching and preparing for the interview. Then I have to find child care for the kids, and double check my blazer in the car to make sure it doesn't contain any grubby handprints. It's also hard to turn off my 'mom brain', and switch into work mode, especially when I haven't been in an office setting in over a year. "Tell me about a stressful time." - "Well... I managed to dress two kids in snowsuits this morning, and feed the dogs, and unload the dishwasher, and fill out a picture order form... all before 9am!" I don't think that's the type of answer any company is looking for.

The hardest part for me is the unknown. I like to know where I'll be, and what's happening. Right now I have so little control, as I try to wait patiently to hear about job prospects and interviews. The other hard part is the fact that if I succeed, if I secure a good job, I will have to leave my babes. The two crazy toddlers that rule my life right now, I will have to hand over to childcare providers. I'm so thankful to have spent over 13 months at home with them, but it never quite seems like enough. I'm optimistic that everything works out, and I know in one way or another it will. In the meantime, you can find me chasing Poppy all around the house, or engaged in a lightsaber battle with Soren!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you lots of luck! Remember your blessings (sounds like you do) and remember that a job is just a job, but motherhood is an honour.

Inspired Life said...

Hoping the right job comes along for you very soon! A job you really love that appreciates your family values & priorities!!! Good luck!!!