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One of our favourite things to eat in the summer (or anytime, really!) are popsicles. For my birthday back in July, my sister gave me a great set of sailboat popsicle molds, and I've been using them ever since.

I really like the fact that I can control exactly what goes into the pops, so I usually use natural fruit juices or yogurt. I was excited to find some new juice varieties in the chilled section by SunRype. Their juices contain no preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours. I was drawn to the FruitActiv Bright Eyes Nectarine Orange Pineapple Blend because we all love those fruits, and also because their colours tend to be a little less messy than rich berry colours. If you've ever tried to give a three year old a popsicle, you know that a lot of it will end up all over them

Making the popsicles was as simple as it sounds - simply pour the chilled juice into the molds and freeze for a couple of hours. As far as desserts go, this one is pretty healthy, and we make an activity out of it by going outside to eat. 

Another great flavour is the Fresh Pressed Apple (also found in the chilled section). I sometimes find juice to be too sweet for me, but the tartness in the Pressed Apple was perfect, and I've found it to be a lovely accompaniment to my morning coffee. We honeymooned in the Okanagan Valley, where SunRype is located, and I can definitely remember the abundance of beautiful fresh fruit. 

If you like the taste and freshness of chilled juices, you'll be excited to find four new varieties by SunRype in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. In addition to the Fresh Pressed Apple and the FruitActiv Nectarine Orange Pineapple, there is a Fruit Plus Veggies and Fibre option, as well as a FruitActiv Super Antiox Berry Pomegranate Smoothie that contains the power of polyphnols - natures own antioxidants. Each is tasty, refreshing, and naturally delicious.  

SunRype has some great recipes and product ideas on their facebook and pinterest pages. Also, they regularly reward fans with SunRype coupons on their instagram account - simply tag photos with the hashtag #SunRype

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Emmett Katherine said...

making home-made popsicals is something I never managed to do this summer. they're SO much better than store bought ones I really need to do it next year! This post now has me craving popsicles lol!