Human Rights Museum


On a foggy sunday morning a few weeks back, we loaded up the whole family and took a tour of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights. I had won the ticket lottery that was distributing free tickets, and since it was only an hour long we thought it would be ok to bring the babies with us. Also, my parents came along and I have to give a lot of credit to my dad, who carried Soren on his shoulders for most of the way.

The museum is absolutely breathtaking, and I cannot wait to explore the whole building. It's opening in it's entirety on november 11th - remembrance day. On our visit we toured through four of the eleven galleries. I can see ourselves coming here regularly as the kids get older, and are able to understand more about human rights. There are galleries dealing with indigenous peoples, the holocaust, and the definition of human rights. The backlit alabaster ramps are stunning. 

Soren's favourite part was the line-up to get inside... he ran up and down like a maniac to the amusement of those in line. I can only imagine if adults had that type of energy at 8:30am on a sunday! Once inside he paid some attention to the tour guide, but had to stifle a yawn until he discovered the fun in pretending I had a mustache.

Poppy, on the other had, thoroughly enjoyed playing with an empty pez dispenser as we waited in line, and once inside promptly fell asleep. This is the only national museum located outside of Ottawa... go Winnipeg!

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