First Birthday Bash


Last week we celebrated Poppy's first birthday with a little afternoon party of cake and goodies. It's tough deciding on an invite list, because with just our families we already had twenty people. Any more than that and things get kind of crazy... so this year I decided to just keep it to family. We missed seeing Poppy's little friends, but they won't know the difference:)

As Tyler was snapping some photos he caught one above of Poppy sharing her drink with Rupert. This is very typical of how all of her meals go. She throws a piece of whatever she's eating to the dogs, and then proceeds to eat a bite herself. It's entertaining while at our house, but less so if we are out somewhere without a dog. So much clean up!

The party food was simple - veggie straws for the kids, chips and guac, veggies with hummus, banana bread, and a cheesy artichoke dip that was devoured! Almost everything could be prepared ahead of time, which cut down on the party day stress. I made a french vanilla cake with pink buttercream icing, as well as a couple dozen mini-cupcakes. As expected, Poppy loved the cupcakes! She continually pointed to the food table throughout the party, always wanting someone to sneak her a bite of something tasty. Our friend made beautiful cake pops, which were also a bit hit with miss Poppy.

In the three years that I have been having kids parties, I sometimes feel afterwards that is was all too much. Too many presents, too many people, too much food, or too much stress. After Poppy's party I looked around and thought 'that was perfect'. We received some beautiful and thoughtful gifts, but not so many I was itching to do a major toy purge. While it is certainly easy to go overboard when hosting events like this, usually simplicity wins out. Poppy had a special day with all of her favourite people, and we enjoyed watching her taste her cake, open her presents, and play with balloons. Speaking of balloons - they are the BEST party toy! I'd never bought any from a party store before, but they are cheap, look cute, and they provided hours of fun for Poppy and Soren. They will be a staple in any and all future events.

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