Bathtime and bedtime...


These bath pictures are of baby Soren, although I had to double check as Poppy looks so similar right now! Bath-times around here are sometimes fun and sometimes stressful... pretty much like anything baby-related. The kids seem to go through phases of loving the bath, and then they promptly hate it for weeks on end and you feel like you are torturing them every evening. It's hard to predict how bathtime will play out. At the moment, both seem to be enjoying it, but don't always do the best in the tub together. Poppy likes to stand up, and Soren likes to play a bit too roughly. The results are usually not good.

After baths I lotion the babes thoroughly with Aveeno baby moisturizer. They both have eczema, and the Aveeno products seem to work really well on their skin. I also love the soothing bath treatment and try to use it at least once per week. Poppy usually goes to sleep first, and I put her in her miracle sleep sack and nurse her. We turn the lights out and have a little cuddle in the dark, and then I lie her down in her crib and say good-night.

I then go next-door to Soren's room and find him racing around his playroom naked. He seems to completely lose his mind before bedtime, and turns into a crazed beast that we classify as being 'chonked'. It basically means overtired and all wound up. He loves telling me that he's 'Chonked in the Chonk-Chonks', to which I usually sigh and envision a glass of wine after he's asleep:)

After wrangling the wild beast into his pj's, we brush his teeth together and then pick out a story or two. When daddy's away I almost always read two books... but most nights we stop at one. Soren asks to 'get cozy', and I tuck his blankets around him extra tight. I then sing two songs, and whisper good-night. Almost always, I have a moment during bedtimes when I can't believe how lucky I am. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed about the day I would have my own little family. During the busyness of our days I sometimes let stress overtake me, and I yell at Soren or wish I were someplace else. At bedtime, I know there is absolutely no other place I'd rather be. My two little babies are warm and clean and cuddled, and are happily dreaming of tomorrow. I get to hold their little bodies before they drift off for the night, and I don't take it for granted. And then I go downstairs, and pour myself a nice glass of red wine.

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