Autumn 2014


We had to take advantage of the amazing fall weather we have been having, and have a little photo shoot! I know snow will be on the ground soon, but for now we are spending all of our free time outside. Poppy is a full on walker now, and is hard to keep still. Soren is of course always hard to keep still, but peanut m & m's help a little. I'm so impressed with my husband's photography skills - the only thing I miss is him in the pictures! Next time we'll have to try out the self-timer. I've taken an unfortunate blogging break due to some computer issues, which are still on-going, but hopefully I can figure something out to post a little more often. These babes are growing faster than ever, and I need the blog to keep myself updated on their progress! My baby books are sadly pretty empty, but I cut myself some slack by thinking the blog is like a super baby-book. That may be true... but only if it's up-to-date:) Happy fall!

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la petite lulu said...

Gorgeous! A perfect location and I love the balloons. Oh I hear you on the baby book thing... I did Ollie's, but haven't started Austin's yet. Thank goodness for the blog huh!