Two dogs, two kids, too many??


Like so many young couples, we were super excited to get a dog together. Kya actually wandered into our lives, or, more specifically wandered into my aunts back yard. After having no luck finding her original owners, we jumped at the chance to adopt her. We had been dating for a couple of years and had just moved in together - a dog seemed like the logical next step.

We loved having a dog. She was exhausting and trying and difficult at times, but we loved picking up coffees and spending saturday mornings at the dog park. We took millions of photos of her, and even took her to 'doggy daycare' while we were at work. We drew the line at referring to ourselves as her 'mom', and 'dad', though, so we weren't totally dog crazy!

After a couple years we started to talk about getting a second dog, and then one day a perfect looking dog came up at a local shelter. Tyler made a quick trip to 'check it out', and of course came home with another scruffy terrier that we would call Rupert.

Fast forward another few months, and I was pregnant with Soren. Having two dogs and a baby was a bit crazy, and we warned our childless friends not to make the same mistake we did. Not that it was a total mistake... but it was hard. Looking back, two dogs was not the best for our lifestyle. But we'd made the decision to get the second one, and we tried to make the best of it.

Now, we are living in our cozy house with two very active babies/toddlers, and two very active dogs. I'm starting to lose my mind. There is just so much commotion all the time... as soon as the kids fall asleep a dog starts barking, needs water, wants to go out, etc. At the end of a long day I don't have the time or energy to walk the dogs like I should - like they need to be healthy dogs. One dog seems manageable, as I can tie one on to the double stroller and go for a walk in the mornings, or bring one with us when we go to the farmers market. But two... it's just crazy.

While I have often joked about finding new homes for them, in the past it has always been a light-hearted joke. Lately, I've been starting to think a bit more seriously about what is best for our family, and what it best for both dogs. Sadly, I don't think we are giving Rupert (our second dog) the best life. He is a perfect farm dog... but has trouble walking on leashes and barks like a maniac in our backyard. He is a very sweet and loving dog, but seems to thrive in one-on-one situations, as opposed to our loud and energetic house. Kya too, seems happier when Rupert is out of the house. They are both 'one-pup household' dogs, and seem to bring out the worst in each other at times. (One barks, the other barks louder, the first starts jumping at the window, all of a sudden it's a madhouse of flying fur.)

We love our dogs, and we love our kids, and right now our family of four plus two is not changing. But we are carefully considering our options, and looking to see if perhaps there is another home that may be better suited for good ol' Rupert. Or maybe we should just move to the country...

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Anonymous said...

Before having a kid I would have thought you were the most heartless, horrible, irresponsible dog "guardian" ever (we were the ones that called ourselves "mommy" and "daddy" to our dog). Now...I TOTALLY get you. Totally. Do what you need to do. We found our very high needs cat a new home and won't ever regret it.