Miss Poppy - One year in (almost!)


This little babe is nearing the one year mark, and she is full of energy! At twenty-two pounds she's heavier than her brother was at this age, but that's not surprising given that she is in the 85th percentile for height and weight. I've been slowly packing up the 6-12 month clothes as they get too small, and her wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller as we run out of things that fit. A smaller wardrobe is ok with me actually, as having too many clothes just seems to create chaos. I feel badly when we don't wear something enough, and then I get frustrated in the mornings as I riffle through over-stuffed drawers and can't find that one pair of black leggings. Simple is best, especially when it comes to growing babes and their clothes. They don't need a lot.

This little weed is out-eating her brother on most days, unless he happens to have pancakes in front of him. He might win that one, but she'd put up a good fight. She is still eating pretty much everything we give her, with the exception of a creamy cauliflower soup I made last week - that she turned her nose up at. We are still nursing 3-4 times per day - morning, nap, around dinner, and bed.

Miss Poppy understands so much these days. She signs 'all done' when finished with a meal, and waves hello and good-bye. She gives hugs, and kisses occasionally. Today she grabbed her favourite book from a pile - 'Dear Zoo' - and I asked her to bring it to me so we could read together. Beaming, she grabbed the book and raced over to me, holding the book out so that I could take it from her. In the mornings she sometimes watches baby einstein (the farm episode only) with Tyler as I get ready. A couple days ago we were cuddling and playing around when Tyler asked, 'do you want to watch baby einstein, Poppy?' She leapt out of my arms and into his, and assumed her favourite cuddle position. When I say bathtime she heads for the tub... and I could go on:) She's a smart one, this beautiful babe of ours!

I'm not going to say anything about sleep, because I've talked about it to death and really, it doesn't define her. She's not a great sleeper and maybe she never will be. I think I'm finally making peace with it.

We are looking forward to celebrating her first birthday next month - Soren is insisting that I make her a cake in the shape of a baby doll, but he's offered to help so I'm sure he knows what to do. He is mostly too rough with her, always poking at her and bothering her until she cries, and he ends up in timeout. It's not really mean behaviour, just little things like throwing a blanket on her head that she clearly doesn't like, and he never seems to tire of doing it. Days are lively around the Linden house, that is for sure. But we're happy and healthy, and are counting our blessings that we get to spend so much time together.

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