Food trucks - fun in the city


This past weekend I heard about a festival called manyfest, which was a downtown street festival that included music, kids games, and tons of food trucks. We were in! We've had so much on this past summer, it was nice to relax at home and do something in the city. Although the weather ended up being so nice, we kind of wished we'd headed to a beach. Oh well, you can't have it all.

The festival was great! I donned the camera which is why there are actually photos of my husband, although I neglected to charge the camera, resulting in a very small number of photos before it died on me. Oh well, again. Soren thought being downtown was really fun, and wanted to see the golden boy up close. For non-winnipeggers, the golden boy is a statue atop our legislative building. While we couldn't get as close as Soren wanted, we did manage to get inside the impressive building and had fun climbing on the front steps.

On many days, especially in the winter, I long to travel to other parts of the world. Instagram and blogs elevate my wanderlust, and I often find myself dreaming of where to go 'next'. Sunday was a wonderfully perfect day with not a cloud in the sky. As we sat on a curb and listened to music, nibbled pizza, and people-watched; I felt very content. I am where I am supposed to be right now, surrounded by my little family. If only they could keep their shoes on!

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That looks so fun!