Five years ago - Wedding prep


It's our five year anniversary on friday, and our computer has been on the fritz lately - which is preventing me from uploading new photos. So... I've dug up some old photos on our laptop and decided to do a little re-cap of our wedding. (I didn't have a blog back then!)

We got married on the sunshine coast, so the start of our wedding week involved a 25-hour drive across the country. It was actually really fun, as it gave us a chance to unwind and reconnect before a hectic few days. I had baked a few hundred chocolate chip cookies to use as wedding favours, so I had the trunk full of frozen cookies in coolers. When we would stop for gas or for the night, I'd change the ice and make sure nothing was getting soggy. The drive also gave me a chance to work on my seating plan - something every bride knows is not a lot of fun!

Once we arrived we met up with my family, who had flown out early to help us get ready. My mom and I are collecting rocks in the above picture, to use for various centrepieces. Five years ago pinterest did not exist, so most of the decorations had been thought up by my mother-in-law. She's a great designer and event planner, so I knew her visions would turn out well.

One of the best things about having a destination wedding, I think, was the fact that I felt like we were on vacation as soon as we'd left home. I couldn't stress out about every tiny thing and worry about extra projects to pull off during the night. There were definitely some issues, like forgetting to make table numbers until the day of the wedding, but for the most part I felt like my honeymoon was the entire two weeks we were away - not just the week after the big day.

Next up... designing a wedding dress!

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Emmett Katherine said...

happy 5 years, I agree that a destination wedding is the way to go!!