Weekend Adventure and some stay-at-home mom thoughts


We will soon feel the ocean breeze on our skin, as we venture back to the west coast to attend a family wedding this weekend. At first, we were dead set against bringing the kids, as a short week-end trip managing different time zones did not sound like fun. However, they're coming with us - so wish us luck!

I've been struggling to make a decision about daycare for Poppy, and I finally gave up her spot yesterday. The home daycare I'd found for her seemed absolutely perfect, but I may be staying home for a little bit longer than I'd planned, and it didn't make sense to pay for a spot we wouldn't be using. I was a bit of a stress case for the past few days… literally waking up in the middle of the night thinking about what to do. Isn't that the worst? You think that sleep would be a reprieve from stress, but sometimes it even invades your dreams. As great as the daycare was, I had to keep reminding myself that spending every day with her would be even better. The one-year maternity leave that we are lucky to get in Canada is absolutely wonderful, and I'm so thankful to have spent the past 11 months at home with my two babies. While it's going to be tough financially, I think extending my time at home for a few more months will be the best decision for our family in the long term.

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Unknown said...

Good for you! It's so hard to be away from them when they are so little. I'm really hoping to get more of a work/life balance in the coming months. Full time is TOO MUCH!