Summer Dinner


We have done so much this summer… I think if we had a summer bucket list many of the items would already be crossed off. One thing we have not been eating enough of is basil. It is such a summer flavour, and paired with ripe tomatoes and a little cheese it is just the best. I was trying to get myself organized this week and actually meal plan, when I came across this recipe on epicurious. I have no idea why I don't keep ricotta on hand all the time… I could easily slather it on toast in the mornings. So good!

The weather is supposed to be hot, hot, hot all week and we're enjoying the splash pads and playgrounds daily. Poppy has taken an interest in the water, and squeals with delight when her toes get wet. We have a trip to a friends cabin planned this coming week-end, and I can't wait to take both kids on a boat. My husband is not a huge water person, and I'd be happy to spend all day swimming/boating/lounging/etc. I'm hoping to pass on my love of the water to the kids… but it's tough to say how Soren will like it. He's prone to saying 'I want to go home', as soon as we get somewhere new. Once he's settled in he's ok, but it's challenging if we are only going somewhere once (or for a short time). Transitions for most kids seem to be hard, as is evident if you've ever seen a parent dragging a screaming child out of a playground. I'm not sure if it's a sign of his personality, or merely an age thing. Perhaps a little of both. I'd love to get to where his first instinct is 'yes', rather than 'no'. Soren of course ate none of our delicious dinner tonight, and once again went to bed complaining his tummy was rumbling. Every night it's the same, and we tell him he needs to EAT! The joys of toddlers.

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