Party of three


While the babes and I go out a lot, it's often to playgroups or for meet-ups with other people. When we go to museums, pools, the zoo, etc, it's usually on the weekends and Tyler can come with us. We travel as a group of three less frequently, but I think we'll have to do it more!

On wednesday we had made plans to meet another family at assiniboine park, but they had to cancel due to illness at the last minute. It's difficult to change plans on Soren without advance notice, and he had really been looking forward to 'feeding the ducks', so I decided the three of us would go anyways. I'm glad I did - the weather was gorgeous, the kids had a blast, and I even took them to a restaurant for lunch, solo. I also had no idea feeding the ducks could be so fun! I'm sure I've done it at some point during my life, but I had forgotten how crazy the ducks get! Bringing along a couple pieces of stale bread proved to be a great decision, and we watched them fight over the little bits for quite some time.

Poppy is thrilled to finally be able to take part in some park action as she's perfected her stand (assisted). I can just tell she is dying to chase the rest of the kids around, and fly down the slide by herself. The only negative to travelling solo was the difficulty I had spotting Soren. The playground was so packed, and the daycare group (of which there must have been 100, seriously) were all wearing blue pinnys - matching Soren's t-shirt colour that day. Next time I'll make sure he's wearing something a little more outlandish…

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