My weekend as a single mom


Firstly, look at these grapes we have growing in our backyard! I have to give all of the credit to Tyler, as he's the one and only gardener around here.

Aside from his amazing gardening skills, Tyler is also a great friend, and is close with many of the guys that he grew up with. In fact, one of his best friends he made on the first day of kindergarden, and they remain great friends to this day. Two guys in his circle of friends got married this summer (I may have mentioned something about NOT bringing our kids to any more weddings), and they wanted to celebrate the bachelors with a weekend away at a cabin. Being men, they somehow were not quite organized and ended up having the bachelor party weekend AFTER they were both married. Better late than never, I suppose.

As of friday at 3pm I was a single mom, and I was a little apprehensive about how our weekend would play out. The weather was looking awful, and our bank account drastically low, so I wasn't sure what I would do with the kids all weekend long. I shouldn't have worried. We had a blast - venturing to the farmers market in the rain, visiting our local street fair, and hanging out at a bookstore with some hot drinks. Without anyone else to consult with, I got to make all of the decisions about what and where we would go. There was no 'what do you want to do?' back and forth, and no question as to who would do the dishes. Of course, it's a little sad when you realize no one else cares about Poppy saying dadadadadada… or the fact that Soren was so polite to the policeman at the street fair. Tyler and I talk a lot, even if it's just short texts during the day. By the time he got back today, I felt like I had SO MANY important things to share, but in actuality they are not particularly important, they are just the little joys in our lives that are so exciting in the moment.

It's good to have him home now, and our fingers are crossed that we may get a good nights sleep. After writing about Poppy's terrible sleeping on thursday, we tried the cry-it-out method at 3am (after I'd gotten up with her about 4 times since midnight). Shock of all shocks, she cried/fussed for about 20 minutes and fell back asleep!!! When we've tried this in the past she got more and more worked up, but listening to her cry we could tell she was winding down, and trying to go to sleep. She wasn't frantic or hysterical, which made listening to her cry more bearable (but still pretty hard). When the cries stopped we were seriously flabbergasted, and we didn't hear from her for several more hours. Since then her sleep has been inconsistent, but slightly better. Wish us luck!

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