LakeLife - Weekend Adventures


From the moment we arrived in Kenora, Ontario, Soren was in heaven. He loved the boat, which was a total change from two years ago. We had been invited to spend the weekend at our good friends new cabin, on their very own island! Years ago Lauren and I spent a summer serving pizza at pizza hut, while spending every spare second working on our tans. At the time I'm sure we never envisioned having our own families (and cabins!) years down the road.

We explored her island, hung out on the floating 'party island', swam in the lake and went for a sunset boat ride. We also drank tons of wine, and ate the most amazing pork belly tacos for dinner. Mike made the top five on Master Chef Canada last season, so any time we are with him we know our tastebuds will be in for a treat.

As we were battling friday afternoon traffic out of the city, we talked about how much work it would be to own a cottage and have to drive two plus hours every single week-end. Once we arrived on the island and settled in to watch the sunset (with a glass of wine in hand), we totally forgot our earlier discussion. I understand why our friends make the commute each and every summer weekend. The city truly feels a million miles away. Thank you Lauren and Mike for being such fantastic hosts, and hopefully our crazy babes didn't dissuade you from having any of your own:)

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