Exploring Manitoba - Gimli


We headed north today, just an hours drive outside the city to a little beach town called Gimli. Every august long weekend Gimli hosts Islendingadagurinn, which celebrates Icelandic heritage and culture. I happen to have icelandic background on my mom's side, so we've been coming to this festival for as long as I can remember.

My sister and my dad were running in the annual 10 mile race that stretches from Winnipeg Beach to Gimli, but our crew wasn't up quite early enough to make it to the finish line. Instead, we timed Poppy's morning nap to be in the car, and arrived in sunny Gimli just before 11am. It was a gorgeous day, although we had a storm cloud named Soren with us who was trying to ruin the mood. As we pulled into Gimli our car sounded something like this - 'I want to go home. I'm tired. I don't want to be here. I don't LIKE Gimli! I'm hungry. I don't think I'm feeling bery well.' The joys of a three year old. Luckily, his favourite person in the entire universe was waiting to see him, and his spirits took a dramatic upswing when he saw his beloved grandpa.

We walked the boardwalk, checked out the sandcastles, picked up lunch from a variety of food trucks, and strolled along the pier. Poppy just loves action, so she was bopping to music and waving at every person she saw. Soren just hung out with grandpa - we mostly saw the back of him as he raced ahead to check things out. By 2pm the babes were getting pretty tired, so we grabbed a coffee from an awesome little coffee shop called Flatland and headed out. The highway was pretty crazy on the drive back into Winnipeg… we scratched our heads for a few minutes before realizing that people without kids could enjoy a leisurely sunday morning at home, then head to the beach after lunch. What a novel idea!

p.s. - you can't tell from these pictures but there were a TON of people! Apparently the festival draws 60,000 people, and town only has a population of around 2,000. Pushing a stroller was a challenge… one my husband would say I failed. Sometimes toes have a way of jumping right in front of my wheels...

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