10 Months!


Poppy turns ten months tomorrow, and she is on the move! We don't have a walker yet, but man is she a fast crawler. She runs around on her knees, and climbs the stairs with astonishing speed. I mentioned awhile back that we haven't really used a baby gate (we do have one), but these days I wish we had three! Her typical routine is: a) race over to the dog food to eat the kibbles and dump the water, b) race to the stairs and get as far up them as possible before being caught, c) pull out all of the tupperware from a low kitchen drawer, d) pull off all of the fridge magnets, e) find magazines/books/mail and rip them up into the smallest pieces possible. And repeat…

As busy as we are these days, I am finding Poppy more and more fun to be around as her personality shines through more. She loves looking at picture books, preferably ones with flaps to lift up. She can play peek a boo and makes funny faces… and absolutely adores playing with her brother. Those two are quite the pair!

Our ten month old now has five teeth, and is working hard to cut through three more. Her sleep is TERRIBLE! I swear we say once per week 'That must have been the worst night yet'. I am at a loss… I don't even have any words to describe it because it's just exhausting to even think about. Bad sleeper. But happy baby during the day, so I'm sure it could be worse.

Little miss vacuum cleaner still devours anything and everything we put in front of her. She eats what we eat,  cut into small pieces. Favourites include cheese, blueberries, cheerios, toast with peanut butter, and water. She loves to drink water, especially from a straw.

Poppy is still wearing size three diapers and I believe weighs about 20 pounds. She's still content in her infant carseat, although I usually unstrap her in the car as it's way to heavy to lug around. We are mostly in size 6-12 month clothing, with a few larger pieces. The pants she is wearing in these photos are new, and I just love them! I also love her little ballet flats which were made by a local Winnipeg designer - Ulla + Viggo. They stay on her feet all day, and since they are black they go with everything. I cannot believe that her first birthday is on the horizon!

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