Weddings with kids


People seem to have very definitive ideas surrounding bringing children to weddings. When we got married, almost five years ago, most of our friends and family did not have small children. We addressed most of our invites as 'Mr. and Mrs.', and people RSVP'd without their kids.

We are now in the category of having children, and a wedding invitation arrived a couple months back with all four of our names on it. It was the wedding of one of Tyler's childhood friends, and it was taking place on a farm, so we thought it would be a fun family affair. Having small kids at a wedding is hard, even when the wedding is fairly casual. We struggled to keep the kids quietly in their seats during the ceremony, and awkwardly tried to hold glasses of wine during cocktail hour. (It's challenging to hold a wine glass in one hand, and a squirmy babe in the other!)

Dinner was a buffet, and again it's hard to load your plate(s) with food while carrying a baby. Then of course Soren had to go to the bathroom, so I abandoned our place in line while we trekked to the outhouses. (they were lovely, and not at all like the smelly variety found at outdoor concerts!) We managed to put Poppy to sleep in her carseat, much like we did while on vacation in Charleston.

We did have some moments of joy, like when I was dancing with Soren and he looked up at me and said 'Mommy, I'm having so much FUN!!!'. His face lit up when he saw the band start to play, and he was definitely the dancing champion for at least the first hour. Poppy woke up and enjoyed watching the music too, and we all watched the fireworks late that night, hours after their normal bedtimes.

We have three more weddings to attend this summer, and the babes are going with us to one of them. We're looking forward to attending the next one without them, and having the option of finishing a conversation, chatting with other guests, and maybe eating dinner without getting up from the table. Babies are super cute at weddings, but when they are your own they are an awful lot of work!!


Emmett Katherine said...

that first photo is so lovely, shot a beautiful moment. I can imagine that looking after kids at a wedding would be tough, for all the reasons you listed! We have a couple coming up but our little one(s) will be staying with grandma and grandpa, both are child-free weddings.

Enjoy this upcoming wedding just the two of you :)

Unknown said...

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