Ten things in lowercase. or maybe eight


one - these pictures make me smile. a bathing beauty in her swimming cap:)
two - i'm feeling slightly un-patriotic, as it was canada day yesterday and i didn't do much of anything to celebrate. the weather was a w f u l … but still. we spent the morning sipping coffee and checking out the museum of man and nature.
three - to add to the unpatriotic feeling, i'm hosting an 'americana' themed dinner party on friday. i keep browsing pinterest for decor ideas, which there are no shortage of. ideas, that is. and food, and drinks. but my 'un-canadian' guilt is continuing.
four - soren started his new preschool (aka daycare) on monday and loved it. and we love it. only one day down so far, but we are feeling really good about it.
five - i haven't had a cookie in ten days. this is a big thing for me… considering my serious addiction to sugar. i wanted to last two weeks without eating any deserts/candy/chocolate/junk, but i may have to make an exception on friday - just 2 days shy of 2 weeks. not bad. not great, but not bad.
six - we have a big trip coming up. i'm excited. and a little apprehensive about all the packing i need to do. it will be worth it to see the ocean.
seven - poor poppy fell twice this evening and there was blood. both times. she was so upset that i started crying too. (they are both minor. one cut was on her lip, and the other was a little cut on her chin.) i am debating keeping her in a carrier all day long tomorrow… just so i don't have to handle the sight of a sobbing bleeding baby again. it's just too sad.
eight - instead of buying a new sofa, and a new pair of shoes, and new fall wardrobes for the kids, we have instead repaired the brakes on our car. safety first. paying a massive bill at midas is not exactly my idea of fun.

well, i think eight things is going to have to do it today. there is laundry to fold. and another episode of orange is the new black to watch.


Marie said...

You can still buy a new fall wardrobe for the kids...you can get practically new clothes for kids at a great consignment store in town called Once upon a child. It's a fraction of a cost and a lot of the time they are practically brand new. I rarely buy anything for full retail price for kids cause there are so many great deals out there.

Emmett Katherine said...

I binge watched orange is the new black, i admire your self restraint in watching them!

Love the patriotic swimsuit, even if you guys weren't feeling Canada Day.