Hiking with babies


A couple of days ago we ventured through a magical forrest that holds fond memories for my husband. It's a beautiful park/forrest only a few kilometres from our place on the coast, and it has the most spectacular trees. Even though it was an extremely sunny day, only the smallest slivers of light manage to shine through the dense trees, making the walk seem a little mysterious. It's quiet and peaceful, and the hiking itself is more like a 'walk' rather than a hike.

For our little family from the prairies, it was pretty much perfect. I placed Poppy on my back, for the first time, and found it to be super easy to carry her. Soren walked most of the way, and only asked to be carried a couple of times. We had my father-in-law with us, as well as cousins, so we had some backup had we needed an extra pair of arms.

While on this trip we are realizing that many of our plans do not quite go as expected. Soren tends to get really excited about things, but then as soon as we arrive he immediately complains and wants to go home. It's disappointing for us, more so than him, as we'd envisioned these perfect outings in our heads. Soren probably envisions something perfect to him as well, and if it doesn't live up to his expectations then he is over it. Our trip mantra has been 'he's only three'. It tends to make us rethink our frustrations, and realize that perhaps the journey is more fun than the destination. I think his trip highlights are far different from what we may have predicted... but that is completely fine by me.

And Poppy's hiking highlight was by FAR the swings at the end! She was beaming!!

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