Boy Style - a bunny t-shirt, dress pants that feel like sweats, and saltwaters


Soren's wearing:
pants - Zara
shoes - saltwaters

As any mama of boys knows, finding cute clothes is sometimes a bit of a challenge. I would definitely not say 'boys clothes are impossible to find', or 'there are no cute boy clothes'. Great clothes do exist for boys, but they sometimes require a considerable amount of effort to find.

We had gotten to that point where it seemed like nothing in Soren's wardrobe fit anymore, and selecting  his outfits was becoming pretty boring. He's gone through a bit of a growth spurt lately - monitored ever so scientifically by the measuring chart at Ikea. After months of being toilet-trained but not tall enough to enter Smaland, this past week-end he finally hit 37 inches!! We were super excited to shop Ikea with only one babe, but they attach a buzzer to you and a mere five minutes after his drop-off I was buzzed back. He wasn't upset at all, he just calmly told me that he'd had a great day and was done.

Anyways, back to the wardrobe, or lack of it. I wanted to have a shopping day in Vancouver on our holidays, and my mother-in-law enthusiastically came along. You may remember when I got to play cinderella awhile back, and this shopping trip was no different. My generous mother-in-law trekked all over Vancouver with me, buying Soren some gorgeous new pieces. We hit up all my kid favourites, including Zara, JCrew, Pottery Barn Kids, and some smaller boutiques.

I just love these pictures that Tyler took of him in some of his new clothes. As you can see, they are perfect for collecting pinecones, throwing them into the ocean, and rock climbing!


la petite lulu said...

I'm loving his style :) Think I will have to check out Zara kids, I've bought for myself there before but never browsed the kids section!

Unknown said...

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