Berry Season


I got a late night text from my brother-in-law yesterday, asking if Soren was free to go strawberry picking with him and his girlfriend today. Soren technically was not free… but I decided he could skip daycare and we would all go to the berry farm. It's something I've been wanting to do for a few summers now, but by the time I remember most of the u-picks are already closed for the season.

Today we made it! We picked berries until our buckets were as full as our tummies. Sometimes (many times), outings with a toddler do not go according to plan. We went on a farm trip last month, and Soren was scared of absolutely everything.

I don't think anything about today could have gone better. He LOVED picking berries, loved the tractor rides, loved the playground and loved meeting some baby kittens. Numerous times today he looked up at me and said 'I'm having so much FUN, Mommy!!' The skies were a bit overcast which was perfect, as I'm sure we could not have lasted long in the blazing sun. My only regret is that I did not bring our camera, and that Tyler was not there to enjoy it with us.

Poppy loved it too, and happily sat in the middle of the berry fields eating strawberries by the fistful. Dinner tonight had to be strawberry pancakes, by request, and I couldn't say no. You can see how patient the two of them are above… waiting to dive into their dinners:) If you live in the Winnipeg region I would highly recommend Boonstra Farms, especially if you have kids. We may have to visit again before the end of berry season!

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Emmett Katherine said...

this post made me want to go berry picking again :)