Americana dinner party / celebrating summer


A few weeks back we were gathering with friends when the idea of a dinner group came up. This isn't the first time the idea has arisen, but it's one of those things that is often easier to talk about than actually do. Somehow we picked a date for the dinner party, and agreed on a place. We just needed a theme, which is when one of the other girls suggested 'Americana', since it was scheduled for the 4th of July. And so began our 'Dinner Group', consisting of four couples united by all of the men going to high school together.

As the host I was in charge of the main course, and after debating between fried chicken and ribs, I changed directions and went for braised short-rib grilled cheese sandwiches with pickled red onions. Served alongside were classic american french fries and a roasted garlic aioli sauce for dipping. Our guests rounded out the menu with a delicious watermelon salad, chicken bites as an appetizer, and apple pie for dessert.

While the food was most certainly delicious, it was the setting that stole the show. By that I mean the beautiful deck that my husband works so hard on, the flowers, the perfect weather, the smell of burning mosquito coils (which really worked!), and of course the wonderful company. We sat under the stars and drank wine until late, pausing to put babies to bed and munch on after-dinner cherries. After the last guests left we fell into bed at 2:30, which is a good three hours later than I normally go to bed. I can't say I was even tired… it was one of those nights where everything just clicked and we could have stayed outside until sunrise. (The only problem was my poor baby who developed a fever at 5pm… but I think she's hopefully on the mend now.) A date has been chosen for the next dinner group in two months time, and by then the endless summer nights will be a memory as we look forward to crisp autumn temperatures. We hope this is a tradition that can continue for many years. Good friends are so important:)


Emmett Katherine said...

I like the dinner group idea, a great way to socialize and be creative. (It's too bad your little one got sick, but thankfully she's feeling better)

Your deck makes the perfect setting and super random ha ha but I love the blue and white polka dot tray the grilled sandwiches are in. Where's it from?

Marie said...

Sigh! I wish I could do this, but it seems very hard to do based on the fact that we all have young families. Do your friends have children, or is it just your little ones? I would love to do this, but all my friends have babies and it would seem very hard for them to all find babysitters till late night, nor do I think they would sleep at our house. How do you do it? Another question- how do your kids manage to go to bed knowing there is a party going on? My three year old would beg to stay up with us as long as he could!