We had a birthday!


Soren turned three today! I was very excited to celebrate with him today, but I'll admit to getting a bit teary-eyed last night as I put my two year old to bed for the last time. (Well, technically Tyler put him to bed… while I was shopping. But I did get upset later!) Sadly, my feelings must have worn off on poor Soren because he burst into tears and exclaimed that he didn't want to turn three. He is such a sensitive little guy.

The dawn broke early this morning and our spirits were all lifted, and the first words out of his mouth were 'am I three now, Mommy?' As the weather was a touch cool, we headed to our favourite bookstore to pick out a treat and eat a snack at the cafe. We sat in the enchanted forest and read through several books, as Poppy chewed happily on some wooden toy people.

I had my work cut out for me during nap time, as I had to make a Daniel Tiger 'Tigey' cake. In accordance with the TV show Daniel Tiger, I had to bake a VERY specific cake just like the one Daniel Tiger gets on his birthday. The cake needed to have blueberry eyes, twizzler whiskers, orange and black stripes, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - a 'glop on the mouth'. (When Daniel makes the cake he makes several mistakes with the decorating, resulting in him being disappointed. Then 'Dad Tiger' points out that it will still taste delicious. Always lessons… always learning.)

After searching for some inspiration on how to construct the cake, I set out to make my best effort. Soren gleefully helped make the 'glop' on the mouth, so I think he was happy with the final result. I can't say it was my favourite looking cake… but I suppose it was not for me! We celebrated with immediate family and of course the dude was thoroughly spoiled. Poppy managed to sneak a bite of cake when I was not looking… silly babe. No cake until your first birthday! Which will be coming up before I know it. After everyone had left we put two tired and dirty babes in the bath, and wiped off their sticky fingers. It seems appropriate that birthdays should end with a little too much sugar, since after all, they only come but once a year.


Unknown said...

So so true! Happy Bday to your little guy. I love that he was so specific on the cake, very observant! :)

Jenelle Matheson said...

Aww Soren! I remember watching that Daniel Tiger episode with him a bunch of times, cudos to you for making it look so similar! Happy birthday buddy :)