Time to baby-proof… wait, I don't think we did that with the first one


Poppy has been on the move for awhile now, but it's just been in the last few weeks that she has started full-on crawling. She's into everything - opening cupboards, pulling herself up on the coffee table, and ripping through books. She's even gotten her first cut, sadly, which occurred as she tumbled off of the coffee table and nicked her chin on the way down.

When Soren was this age, not that long ago it seems, we wondered about baby-proofing. It seemed like something that a parent needed to do… buy cupboard clips, block the stairs, and make sure electrical outlets were covered. We even heard stories of parents taking coffee tables out of their living rooms (sharp corners), and taping extra padding around fireplaces. So we did the responsible thing, and did absolutely nothing.

I'm not sure if I am being irresponsible or naive, but we figured a baby would figure it out, with some good old trial and error.  With supervision, of course, and some common sense. I did buy some electrical covers, but for the most part neither of our kids have shown much interest in outlets. We bought a baby gate, but mostly used it to block off the dog food instead of the stairs. For some reason dog food seems to be a baby magnet! We've had some cuts and scrapes along the way, but so far our non-baby proofing seems to be working in our house.

I am slightly hesitant to write this, as I wrote a post a few months back about sleeping through the night. Since then, Poppy has become the worlds worst sleeper. She wakes up 4-5 times per night, and has been for at least the last three months. I don't know what to do! She's happy and content during the day, so I guess she's getting enough sleep. Me, on the other hand, am not. I am tired! At 8.5 months I was not expecting to be up at 2am, and 3, and 4:30, and 5. So I guess I won't be surprised if I follow up with a HOW TO BABY-PROOF post in a few months - and it will definitely be in all caps.

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