The cutest swimsuit and cap


Hey summer! We've welcomed you with open arms… well, kinda. I've had a miserable flu for the past four or five days, and it's really wiped me out. Being sick in the summer is extra terrible, because I just want to be outside, and I've sadly had to stay in bed while the fam headed out for fun without me. I felt better today, and when we asked Soren if he would like to go to the splash pad, he exclaimed 'YES! I'm ready to go. This is going to be SO EXCITING!' So really, we could not possibly refuse.

Also, I have been absolutely dying to put Poppy in her new swimsuit. I bought it for her on our trip to Savannah, but unfortunately the weather was too cool for any beach days there. I just love the swim cap, perfect for keeping all of her long, luxurious hair clean and dry:) The closest she got to the water today was sticking one toe in a jet of water… but at least she looked the part. Soren played enough for the both of them, and I don't mind savouring these last few days with Poppy before she's off and away. She's started to crawl, and pull herself up, all in the span of this last week. Once she starts there is no rewind button, as we know all too well. My stationary babe days are very, very numbered.

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