The best summer activities are free!


Last weekend it was hot and sunny, which was the complete opposite of what the weather forecast was calling for. Is the forecast ever right? Since our local wading pools don't open until July 1st, we hopped in the car for a short drive to our nearest splash pad. My grandparents were asking what a splash pad is, and basically it's a playground with water. I believe the idea was to replace some wading pools with splash pads, since splash pads do not require a lifeguard or much maintenance. The water comes on in intervals, so the kids run around like crazy and get sprayed when the water turns on. As evident, Soren had a blast! Poppy thought it was pretty fun, too. I wish the surface was a little softer, though. The hard concrete is not nice for crawling babes or tripping toddlers.

While today is cool and rainy, I'm hoping we have a lot more sunny days ahead. I love being able to pack up the kids and be outside all morning long. Poppy is still young enough to nap in her stroller, and as long as I've got a bag full of snacks Soren is a happy camper. During our worst winter it was so difficult to think of activities to do every day, and a lot of the things we did cost money. Now that summer has officially arrived we are hitting up the (free!) parks, pools, and splash pads as much as possible. Not to mention prepping for our upcoming trip to the ocean… in exactly two weeks! This summer is going to fly by, and I'm happily taking it all in.


la petite lulu said...

That's a pretty nice splash pad! We have been loving getting out to them too, although it always takes Ollie ages to warm up to the idea of running under the water (usually, 5 mins before we have to leave).

Alison said...

Ocean? Where are you guys heading to? Vancouver Island? Hope the weather in the Peg clears up!