That time I took my kid to the ER for a mosquito bite


The title might say it all, but I'm still going to try and explain myself. This morning I went to say hello to Soren, and he greeted me with 'Hi Mommy. My eye is poked.' I looked down and saw that his right eye was completely swollen shut! The day before we had noticed that it was a little swollen, but I couldn't see a specific bite mark. I asked him about it, and he said it didn't hurt. My husband thought he had bumped it on the corner of a door… basically we were not sure. At bedtime we'd tried to take a closer look, and decided to keep an eye on it overnight. Now it was morning, no one had checked on him through the night, and his eye could barely open!

His whole side of his face looked droopy, and he looked just awful. Tyler was just as alarmed as me, so we made a quick decision on the days plans - off to the ER. I might have tried to get him in to his doctor, but that's usually a pretty big hassle. And we were pretty concerned, having no idea why his poor face was so terribly swollen.

After a quick breakfast I loaded the kids in the car and headed for the Childrens Hospital. I was going to prelude this post by saying that I think I am a very laid-back parent… but as per the title no one may have believed me. Actions speak louder than words and this was the very first time I was driving one of my kids to the ER. (I do say driving because I had the very unfortunate job of riding to the ER in an ambulance when Soren had a febrile seizure last year.)

I didn't know where to park, or where to check in, or how the whole process was going to play out. Soren found the ordeal highly entertaining though, and loved getting to park underground and follow a million signs to take us to admitting. Once there, he desperately wanted to play in the waiting room while I cringed at the thought of all those germs. I told him we just had to speak with the nurse, and then we'd have plenty of time to play while waiting for the doctor. Wrong again! The nurse took a look at him and said 'oh, he has a bug bite.' And that was pretty much it. She was really nice and not rude or condescending at all, which probably took some effort on her part:) She explained that a lot of times the first bug bite of the season can swell up a lot, and if he slept on that side the swelling may have all settled in one place. Soren kept asking when we would see the doctor, and I had to explain to him that we could go home now. His eye was looking much better by this point. So our first ER visit was someone comical, especially thinking back on it now. Yep, we went to the ER for a mosquito-bite!

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Anne Hill said...

I think it's a way better ER story than most! ha! I was just looking at some mosquito bites on my boys shoulder today and thinking oh my gosh this is really bad what do I do?!