Holding his hand


Soren holds my hand about 100 times per day. As soon as we leave the house he reaches his little hand towards mine, and doesn't let go until we've gotten to our destination. He can be pretty independent, but when he's walking he's only content to be hand-in-hand. And I don't think I've let any of the times go by unnoticed. I keep a running tally in my head, knowing that all too soon he's not going to need my hand anymore. I love the weight of clammy little fingers, and I love knowing that before grabbing on his hand is right there, waiting for mine.

This morning I took his hand and walked him into his new daycare, a spot we were lucky to have gotten and where he will start next week - just two days per week. I really like the space. We've gone on two visits now, and when we arrived today his teacher was reading a book about whales. The kids were eagerly offering up answers, and I encouraged Soren to go and sit with the group. He inched his way over and sat down with just his legs on the carpet… close enough to see but not quite with the group. He looked back at me to make sure I wasn't going anywhere, and then leaned forward to see the pictures.

For the past eight months I have been with this little guy every single day. We've butted heads numerous times, but more importantly we've had ever so much fun. While Poppy grew from a newborn into a baby, Soren grew from a toddler into a little boy. He started preschool and gave up diapers with ease. I'm not planning on going back to work until October, but this new daycare signals the start of a new chapter for us. I think we are ready - him more so than me. Two days per week is the perfect amount of time for him to spend with other kids, and it will be nice to have some quality time with Poppy. But changes are usually tough, and I have mixed emotions about decreasing my time with him. And on a totally different note, Tyler thinks the top photo is hilarious as it looks like I have a 'trashy calf tattoo'. He managed to take a bunch of photos with mud on my leg before letting me know:)

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