A trip to the farm with my scaredy-cat


Last week I took both babes on Soren's first field trip - an end of the year wind-up trip with his preschool. We'd talked about the trip for weeks… taking a school bus, seeing the animals, playing with his friends. On the big day the three of us happily boarded a big yellow school bus (complete with a bus driver who must have been 70, wearing a plaid shirt and suspenders:)), and bumped along into the country.

Once we arrived we were greeted by 'Mrs. Farmer' who explained the farm rules and told us we would be visiting the horses first, along with a barn full of baby animals. The day went downhill from there. Soren ONLY wanted to play in the playground, and could not be convinced to go with the group and see the baby animals. I marched his grumpy self along, and tried to point out all of the fun things about the farm. He wasn't having it.

We managed to have fun visiting the baby kittens and a litter of eight puppy dogs, but he couldn't be convinced to play with the baby chicks or bunnies. Then we attempted a pony ride… the results of which can be found on instagram. He tried his hand at photography, which he enjoyed, and I had to share my headless photo above to prove that I was indeed there at the farm. We took a tractor ride around the property, which was also enjoyable.

After a picnic lunch we headed to a barn to hear a farmer speak about sheep. Soren was again in a bad mood about leaving play structure, and did not want to enter the barn. In we went, with him in my arms, and just as we settled in there was a crazy loud noise that caused most people to jump. It was a goat… and it was loud and startling, but Soren lost his mind! He screamed and cried and turned bright red and thrashed around… it was like he was having a full-on panic attack. 'GET ME OUT OF HERE' he screamed, as the rest of the kids and parents watched in alarm. I managed to get all three of us out of the barn, all while explaining that it was just a goat, and it was not going to hurt us. The day was pretty much over at that point. He would not calm down, and kept repeating that he was NEVER, EVER going in that barn again. Eventually we returned to the picnic area by ourselves and waited for the school bus to return. While recounting the day to his dad later, he explained that he didn't want to talk about that loud goat. Fair enough, I suppose. The next time a farm trip comes up, I think I'll volunteer Tyler to take him:)

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