The polar bear playground


Last weekend we pretended the weather was warm, and headed to the zoo. Unfortunately, the wind gusts were crazy, and it was much too cold to enjoy a leisurely walk outdoors. (Unless you are a babe in a stroller… those two look pretty warm and cozy!) As I was ducking out of the way of a massive canada goose, Soren started directing me to the 'polar bear playground'. I was a little skeptical as I assumed the playground was outside, but figured we should let him play for a few minutes since we were there already.

I was shocked to enter a beautiful new building, part of the 'Journey to Churchill'. I know the zoo has been building this exhibit for years, but the kids play land is pretty amazing. You can walk 'on ice', and jump and stomp your feet until the ice cracks underneath you. There is a huge play structure with a covered slide that opens up as a polar bears mouth. (I had to go down the slide… and it was much faster than I was anticipating!) The room is very dimly lit with northern lights sparkling around. Basically, a kids paradise. I would definitely recommend it to families visiting Winnipeg - and I'm sure once the entire polar bear exhibit opens it will be spectacular. Fun to see new things popping up in our hometown!

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